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Most common questions regarding the Athens Destination Specialist Program are answered here. If you need further assistance please send an email at:

1) What is the ADSP?
The Athens Destination Specialist Program is designed to offer knowledge to tourism professionals and bloggers. It allows you to get certified on a personal level; that’s why we recommend you use your personal information and e-mail for your registration. Certification lasts for two years, after which you’ll need to take the courses again.
2) Why should I become an Athens Destination Specialist?
Specialization in tourism is everything in our days and Athens has much to offer visitors all year long! Uncover sides to Athens you never knew existed, boost your credibility, enhance your knowledge, increase your sales and deliver tailored itineraries to your clients!
3) What registration type should I choose?

-If you represent a company, register as a company, and ask one of your working employees to register too, but as a professional, and take the courses. Companies are certified only through their employees. There can be more than one employee who is registered under your company.

-If you are a travel professional/agent, register as a travel professional. Add your personal info and register under the account of the company you work for, if available. In case your company’s profile is unavailable you can add it yourself and we’ll send them an email asking them to fill in the rest of the information.

-If you’re a travel blogger or journalist, register as a blogger, filling in the stats of your followers, visitors and readers.

4) I own a travel company, what should I register as?
If you are actively looking to sell Athens as a destination and need to learn more about the city, then register as a travel professional. You will be asked to fill in the Company’s info too! If you choose this, remember that your personal email must be different than the email you’ll register your company with. If you wish to get your company certified but don’t plan on selling Athens yourself, then register as a company and ask an employee of yours to register as a travel professional. After their registration you’ll receive a notification to accept your employee as an ADSP specialist.
5) I’m not sure if I’ve already registered. How can I check?
If you’re not sure whether you have already registered or not, feel free to send us an email concerning your case at
6) How do I get certified?
First you need to take all the mandatory courses, and complete them successfully. Then, under your account dashboard, which you will find in the top right corner of your screen, you will find the section with your collected Badges. There you will find all the ADSP badges you have earned and you will be able to use them as fit. The badges can be embedded on your site or used on your promotion materials. It is really easy, all you have to do is copy the code and paste it on your web-page html-code, where you want to to show.
7) I want a printed certification for the office, where do I get that?
Due to the nature of the certification, we don’t have a special send-out certification. However we provide you with all the necessary graphics and logos to use in your Office’s printed materials. Keep in mind you’ll be able to use them only as long as you are actively certified.
8) What happens when my certification expires?
Certification lasts for two years, after which you will need to take the courses again. One month before your certification’s expiration, you will receive a notification email regarding this issue. After you receive this notification, you can log into the ADSP platform and retake the courses to renew your certification and bagde.
9) Can I get certified for all available courses?
The modules and courses have been designed to provide you with all the necessary knowledge to sell or present Athens in the best way possible. The modules that are designed for bloggers aim at giving travelers a concise and easy-to-follow guide of the city. The courses for the travel professional are developed for better selling of Athens as a destination, offering help on how to promote the City to possible visitors, by providing suggested itineraries and local tips. While all the important information is available for all registered users, some courses are very audience-specific and can only be taken by either professionals or bloggers.
10) What happens if I move to another company?
Your certification is personal, as it reflects your training. You can carry your badge with you to the new company you work for, so they will be certified too, through you! All you need to do is go to your profile at your dashboard and remove the previous company you worked for, while adding the new one. If your new company isn’t already registered you can add it yourself and we will send an email asking them to fill in the rest of the information.

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